3 Best Fall & Winter Health Tips – Keeping Healthy When You Want To Hibernate!

We’re reaching that time of year again where the temperature begins to plummet, and with it, our level of activity – time for some winter health tips!

As fall and winter set in, it becomes harder and more important than ever to keep healthy and keep active.  While your body may want to slow down, odds are your calorie intake won’t (especially with such amazing gut busters as Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner).

Here are a few ideas to keep motivated and stay healthy during the months where it can seem like an uphill battle – just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout!

  1. Set Tangible Goals for Yourself – and then BLOW THEM AWAY!

    First and foremost, be sure you’ve got a goal in mind!  Having a target keeps your mind focused, and makes the entire process go much smoother.

    Think about it – it’s a lot easier to know if something is working if you know what “working” is, right? And a LOT more encouraging if you have something tangible you can point to as progress.

    Having a goal will ensure any action you take will be for a specific reason, with a specific outcome in mind.

    This is probably the most important of winter health tips – you have to have a plan!

  2. Watch What You’re Adding To Those Holiday Foods

    This is a big one – and doubly so for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

    Anyone else like the taste of actual butter, especially salted butter?  Or homemade pumpkin pie?  Or a small mountain of a plate of holiday food?

    Me too.

    But odds are your diet won’t.  There are, however, ways to have your proverbial cake and eat it to – Winter Health Tips from the pros: watch what you add to your meals and snacks, and how much of it you’re adding.

    Spring for the light whipped topping, use margarine instead of actual butter, use the low-fat recipe for cake or pie, and bake whenever you can instead of fry.  It may not seem like a lot, but it adds up.

    And after all, this is all about a goal, right?  Keep a calorie count of what you’ve saved, and at the end of the month, look back at the number.  I bet you’ll be amazed at what just a few changes can make.  Even something minor, like swapping out soda for lightly sweetened tea will make a mountain of difference over a month’s time!

  3. PRO Winter health tip: Keep The Sweet Treats to a Minimum!

    And here we have the hardest one of all…pumpkin pie, candy, holiday fruitcake – the holiday seasons in fall and winter have a glut of sweet treats and desserts, and odds are not a one of them are on that diet sheet.

    The key here is moderation! A slice of pie after Thanksgiving dinner or a piece of fruitcake on Christmas Eve won’t break all of your efforts if they are not the 3rd and 4th helping of each – while you want to generally avoid most sweets, a treat every now and then helps to keep you motivated. While an all cheesecake diet would be delicious for a long time, it would do nothing to help you keep healthy – so keep it moderate, but DO keep it around, as the exclamation point not the whole sentence.

    What other ideas do you have for eating healthy this fall and winter? Leave a comment below!

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